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The Wanker's Corner Story
The original Wanker's Corner Saloon & Cafe was opened shortly after the repeal of prohibition, in 1933. It shared space with a grocery store, about six miles North of the current location. The head Wanker kept collecting more and more antiques, junk, knickknacks, Americana, Australiana, movie posters, and many unidentifiable objects, that the space became too crowded, and a move to a larger building was inevitable. The Portland suburb of Wilsonville was selected for its charm, beauty, fast growing population and the fact it is located close to a freeway so our customers who come from far and wide can easily find us.

Wanker's Corner is dedicated to feeding the hungry in two ways: (1) Serving large portions of damn good food at a reasonable price, and (2) raising over $120,000 for the Oregon Food Bank by collecting a cover charge at the door on dance nights.

Outback Ale wankers corner texthas its own micro-brew. On tap exclusively at the saloon. This hand crafted brew is tawny in colour, has a fresh roasted aroma, with a delicate flavor and a smooth finish. Outback Ale is shipped nationwide.

wankers corner text T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, boxers, panties, coffee cups, pint glasses, key chains, penlights and sunglasses are always for sale, and are shipped Worldwide. Stop by our online gift store a pick up your official WANKERWEAR today!

Giving away money is easy, especially when it isn't ours. That's right. We give away other peoples money, yours. We are a conduit to the Oregon Food Bank. We collect a cover charge at the door on dance nights, and some other festive occasions, and pass along one buck of it. Over the years that sum has grown to over $90,000. What began as a joke now has the food bank laughing all the way to the bank. We started a 25 cent cover charge (to keep out the riffraff.) In October we decided to collect canned food at the door, with a Christmas donation to the food bank in mind. The idea failed. People wouldn't bring cans of food to a bar, so we gave them a choice: A can of food or a buck. They brought the dollar. Christmas came and went. We saw how easy it was to collect the buck, so we kept the cover. The charge, in place only on dance nights, is a hit with the patrons, and the money raised for the Oregon Food Bank has grown along with the popularity of the saloon, where lines of people can be seen on Friday and Saturday nights, waiting for a table. Why the Oregon Food Bank? We were looking for a charitable
organization to help, and we know that the food bank is legitimate. With approximately 600 agencies in its network, it is able to send the donations directly to the local area.

We have outrageous parties and love to have small groups celebrate their special event here. YOU can shock your friends by having your next party at the wankers corner Don't face another party at someones house where everyone stands around looking at the knicknacks while bumping into the coffee table. Break the tradition and let Wanker's give you a party that will tarnish your reputation. For a lousy 15 bucks we'll give the guest of honor a Wanker's coffee cup or beer glass, a key chain, and panties or boxers. Sure, joints with a good reputation are a dime a dozen, but we here at the wankers corner have taken ours right down the drain and become the "shame of the city." Please accept our apology for our tasteless attitudes and surliness. We've run off more customers than most places get, so come in and see why.

More than 30,000 pounds of goobers (that's peanuts to you) are consumed annually at Wanker's Corner Saloon & Cafe. So if you feel like it, grab your nuts here. They're free.

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